I'm re-coding an old web site from scratch, but the client wants to keep the design more or less unchanged. I've got as far as a basic HTML5 template with the Home Page content. I have converted the banner Flash file using Google's Swiffy, so that it will work on iPads etc (not tested yet, but that's the intention).

The Swiffy file is a JSON object, and much easier to 'embed' (using script tags) than SWF or video. It may have a great future, but I'm having a problem.

I have uploaded this page (mainly so the client can see it). It's at http://webadit.co.uk/torrbuan. Using that link it works OK, the banner 'movie' displays properly, and the rest of the content is there. The 'Home' link is the only one I've put in so far.

However, if you click http://webadit.co.uk/torrbuan/index.php (or the 'Home' link), there's a problem. The banner movie displays, but without its background. I refer to the background of the movie, not the background image of the <div>. The rest of the page looks fine.

This does NOT happen on my local server, no matter which form of the link I use. In any case they should surely be functionally the same ? (the .htaccess selects index.php first, and there are no other index files). The first link MUST be calling index.php because that's the only way to load the template.

I've tried reverting to the original SWF, and that displays OK in both instances.

I cannot understand what would cause only part of the Swiffy file to function. It's possible of course that the problem lies elsewhere, but I'm at a loss as to what it could be. Every test I've tried so far shows the versions of the page to be identical. It's just that one lacks the background to the movie.