Hey guys

I've searched the internet, youtube, asked on another forum that I'm a regular at (an internet marketing one) and I also asked on the wordpress forum. And no one seems to know!!! aaahhhhh!! Can not seem to find an answer anywhere.

So my question is about attachment pages on my wordpress site.

Basically I want to be able to host my images on google drive (or any other cloud hosting service like amazon web services etc.)to save bandwidth.
So I upload these images to my site via "insert from URL". Then when that hosted image is clicked on I want to go to its own attachment page.

At the moment it wont allow me to create an attachment page if I am using a hosted image! Only if the image is hosted on my server.

If you upload an image using a URL, the attachment page option is not there!!

Is there anyway round this? maybe a plugin or some code I have to put in?

I'm not that good at coding.

Its basically a way of generating extra page views for CPM ad purposes.

Someone please help!!

Many thanks in advance