Hello all,

Need your advice. I have to teach an introductory ecommerce class this winter. My students will be webmasters in training and local small business owners and we will concentrate on ecommerce processes, not building a ecommerce database or anything like that. (That is for the advanced class). I plan on having them buy the book "an idiots guide to ecommerce" for basic information and reading out of class along with various articles.

I would also like to look into more technical books for my lectures. Basically I want my students to walk out of this class with a very good understanding of the processes involved in setting up e commerce so that they can make effective decisions with regards, to hosting, gateways, software, shopping carts, and merchant internet accounts. I will give them a few options for each section of the ecommerce process. We will also go through examples of these processes in class.

I teach a seperate online marketing and promotion course and cover all aspects of that with relation to ecommerce within that class. I have 10 hours to teach them ecommerce in the winter. Yikes!!

Any advice on good books you have read would be greatly appreciated. Some books I found were way over my head, yet other just focused on the business plan. I would like something regarding setting up ecommerce websites.