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I wonder if you can help me please?

I'm trying to create a select menu of links to other sites that when clicked on, opens up a new window (i.e. using Javascript) displaying the link selected by the user.

After clicking a 'go' button, I'd like the form action to call up the script gotolink.php3, but the following line does not give me the value of the variable $chosenlink (i.e. what the user selected).

echo "chosenlink is $chosenlink<br>";

Does somebody know why please?

I realise that I probably don't need both of these Javascript functions, but for now this is the way things are structured.

I further realise that I probably don't need to go via the php script (gotolink.php3), but
this is important to me, because I'd like to apply the same principle to other areas as well.

I'd prefer not to use a jump menu if poss, but instead a select menu with a 'go' button next to it.

<script language=javascript>

function helpwindow(popup,Height)
helpWindow =,"helpWin","toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,location=no,width=470,height=450");

function infowindow(info,Height)
helpWindow =,"helpWin","toolbar=no,scrollbars=yes,resize=yes,location=no,width=350,height=50");


<form method="post" action="javascript:infowindow('gotolink.php3', 400)">

<select name="chosenlink">
<option selected></option>
<input type = "Submit" name = "go" value = "go">

Thanks very much if you can tell me why this code isn't passing the variable $chosenlink.

All the best,