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    Lost in Translation 2

    Lost in Translation 2!

    We had good fun with our first Lost in Translation competition, so here's another one.

    It's a simple challenge.

    We've taken a common web design term and run it through Google Translate multiple times until unrecognizable. All you have to do is work out what the original words were!

    The first to answer correctly will win a free SitePoint ebook! You can answer as many times as you like.

    If someone doesn't get it right away, I'll start to drop clues, so keep tabs on this thread.

    The original term will probably be familiar to you, and is between one and three words long. Here are two resulting translations that the translator tool produced:

    reserve meet
    See if you can work out what the original words were by "untranslating" the above.

    Good luck!


    Clue 1: this tends to be a rather devicive topic
    Clue 2: the original term consists of two words


    Jeesh, that was quick! We already have correct guesses, as announced in post 16. Hopefully we'll have another simple challenge for you soon. Stay tuned.


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