How to tweak PhpMobilzer?

Has anyone tried PhpMobilizer?

To show my website on my iPhone, I downloaded the PhpMobilzer program and followed the instructions:

"Create a subdomain called 'm' for your website.

Upload the files in the m folder to the m subdomain.

If you would like to automaticaly redirect users to the mobile site if they are accessing it with their phone, add the following to a main include file or your index.php file on your main site.
require_once('/home/path/to/subdomain/m/mobilize.php'); "

And now my site appears less jumbled than before. So, it is definitely readable on a mobile device now.

However, there is alot not there, like quite a few background colors, containers and images.

Can you tell me if there is a way to add some modifications, like adding back in some images, and tweaking a few things that have wrapped?

(I can't find any forum for support of the PhpMobilizer).