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Thread: URL issue

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    URL issue

    After doing a analysis on my website I found that www and non www versions are treated differently now. This is one of my website which I am doing seo for

    I have checked non www version has less backlinks and when checking for backlinks it says that error and have no backlinks

    When I check with www it shows 840 backlinks

    so main question is should I forward non www to www or vice versa

    in google search when keyword is searched website is on 3rd page but the url is without www.

    Please help

    Duplicate Content (www redirect)Error Found
    What we found:Wait! We're detecting that you're not redirecting the non-www version of your website to the www version (or vice versa). By not doing so, you're creating essentially two versions of your website that can confuse the search engines when it comes time to rank your site.
    Effects on traffic:Smaller infractions of duplicate content, like the www redirect (the one we're looking for here) can have a moderate impact on traffic. You may see after doing the proper 301 redirect from www to non-www (or vice versa) will result in moderately better rankings. Actual duplicate content, where you post the exact content on two different websites for instance, have a much higher impact. It is highly likely only one of those sites will rank with the content, and a small chance that both will not rank at all. Avoid d
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    It is always recommended to redirect domain without www to domain with www. Most of the SEO experts will say yes to it. IMHO, you should set a redirect. :: Your Hosting, Our Responsibility!
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    I would take exception to Miles' use of "always." I believe that it's simply a personal preference and use the non-www'd version when I can. I will only force www/non-www for compatibility with the SSL certificate (which is for one and not both).


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