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    im working on a formatter...

    It is for an online game that i play, where you see a screen that tells you, how good you are, ect. It is called a "clear sight"

    This is what my screen looks like...


    The Dominion of One Man Army (# 255)
    Ruler: Lord Sven
    Race: Wood Elf
    Land: 2,863
    Peasants: 35,509
    Draftees: 0
    Employment: 100%
    Networth: 241,198
    Platinum: 469
    Food: 73,420
    Lumber: 38,733
    Mana: 11,284
    Ore: 411
    Gems: 0
    Boats: 216
    Morale: 60%
    Rangers: 0
    Longbowmen: 0
    Mystics: 15,604
    Druids: 962
    Spies: 5,175
    Wizards: 0
    ArchMages: 120


    Now.. i think to myself, how would i be able to make this information... and make it into something usefull...

    So this is what i am thinking..

    PAGE 1

    <form method="POST" action="calculate.php">
    <textarea rows="2" name="input" cols="20">
    <input type="submit" value="Submit" name="submit">

    PAGE 2

    // This Clearsite will be saved to
    $filename = "CS/1.php";

    // Handle to open the file and in what mode
    $handle= fopen($filename,'a+');

    // The input will be given the variable name post
    $post ="$input";

    // Opens the file then writes the Clear sight in.
    fputs($handle, $post);

    // close the clearsight


    PAGE 3
    Read And Manipulate Data

    This is where i am stumped, i need a way to get the information i need out of the inputed data..

    $Province_name= "One Man Army (# 255)";
    $ruler= "Lord Sven";
    $race= "Wood Elf";

    Now i know i can use substr() to get the info i want,

    what i was wondering, is there any way i could search 5 lines down and go,

    $race= substr(stuff on this line ,6);

    im pretty confused, if anyone could help me that would be great

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    I can't say I completely understand what you're trying to do, but I can tell you it would be much easier to do with a database.

    Failing that, try the file() function, which lets you read a file into a PHP array, with each element in the array being the contents of a line in the file. Thus, the 5th line of the file can be accessed as arrayName[4].
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