We are an affiliate of a company called Dating-Central, which allows us to customise their dating portal to look like the rest of our site. We can select our own header and footer to go around their dating site.

I've just realised why we haven't made any money from dating section of our movie site even though we've sent thousands of visitors to it: none of the pages work! If you click on the links on this page, such as 'Login', 'Join Here' or 'Help', you will see that the page remains the same and a javascript error appears.

The code on all our other Dating-Central sites work fine, so I reckon the problem is to do with the DC code 'clashing' with the rest of the coding on the movie site, above and below the dating section.

Do you know what could be causing the dating links to be inoperable and how we can fix the issue?

Thank you.