I recently created a blog site for me and a couple of family members to post content and information regarding artistic and creative ventures, like cooking, unique sports, general news, and music.

I created it as means to gain a bit of experience in the web dev world, as I hand coded just about everything you see on it in very basic PHP. The site doesn't have much, we obscured our identities using some favorite stuffed animals of mine as a kid haha.

In the future, I plan on adding an RSS feed and restructuring the site into an MVC such as flask. Also, adding a couple of widgets on the side menu and, if we get big, advertisements (but not too much of course!)

Tell me what you think of it! I tried to go for a very homey look with a warm yellow in front of stars. Any and all critique accepted! Don't shy away, I'm a grown man and tears are my enemy.