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    any reputable site to buy laptop battery in USA?

    I need a laptop battery ulgently!! I got a battery with 2 years and it failed about several days ago. I want to carry a laptop around all day, using it most of the day, which means that i need a "super" battery with longer run time.

    Replacement batteries are pretty expensive across the board but where is the most reputable site to buy from? My friend have recommend me a website <snip> , it seems perfect due to the reasonale price and longer warranty(60 days money back, 2 years warranty) at first glance. However, it is a shop located on China and i don't want to get screwed with some crappy Chinese knock off battery that doesn't hold a charge for longer than one hour or less. I can't be rest assured to buy something there. Anyother advice to buy such batteries on a reputable shop based on USA?

    All the advices will be welcome here.
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