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    Searching a website for A/B testing designs

    Hey people,

    A while ago I came across a website where webdesigners could A/B test their designs.
    You could upload two or more similar designs (as an image) you want to test, and let other people choose which of those designs is the most attractive.
    You could say it's like A/B testing, but only with a design, and without putting in the effort of creating an real A/B test.

    Point is: I can't remember the name, link or any other recognizable part of the website...
    And Google is not my friend on this one... I did JFGI... Searched hundreds of pages, without any result...
    I may use the wrong keywords to search on, or it's plain stupidity on my part...
    Anyone recognizes the website I'm looking for?

    Best regards,
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    I'm not sure of the site either. But we do have a Reviews forum here where you could get feedback on your two designs.

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    I can’t help you with the name of the site however I’m not sure you would get any good data from this. When you upload an image, people cannot interact with it. One of the most common purposes for an a/b test is to see how users will interact with one page over another. The entire purpose is defeated when users can only see an image and report on how they “might potentially” interact (if the service even provides that much functionality). Only having images in place of a web page is like a taste test without tasting anything but only looking at the food. One may look more appetizing than the other but how would you really know which provides the better experience?

    If you want good data, you will need to go the extra mile and set up a real test.

    Content experiments are easy enough to set up,




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