Hi I hope you can help me with a technical issue on php pages using dreamweaver.

I am trying to find a way of using clean urls for dynamic listing pages based on the the navigation that dreamweaver offers.

I got this code to work but it requires having register_globals set to on for the server which I am told is a security risk and my server admins have said I should turn it off.

<?php if ($pageNum_tgbc < $totalPages_tgbc) { // Show if not first page ?>
<span class="content"><a href="/<?php print $Country."-".($pageNum_tgbc + 1).".html"; ?>">Next</a>
<?php } // Show if not last page ?>

My php skills are pretty basic and I canít find a way of expressing the ?php print $Country in a way that works with register globals being off. No matter what I do I canít figure how to get the code to show the country field.

I hope you can help