Google needs to drastically change the way it calcs website PR and serp placement.

I've been all about seo lately. Which is good. Gives me something else to write about other than code. I also created a forum for my own website. And I also have been doing a lot of posts myself to PR 8 and 9 forums and blogs for good backlinks. I wouldn't call it spamming though. I at least add good relavant conversations to the forum in the process. Then in return I get a backlink. That I have no problem with. Morally or in my own forum.

All this has led me to believe that google needs to drastically change the way it calcs PR and serp placement. Lets take an example... if your girlfriend constantly flirts with other men, is it your fault that you become a jealous person? No, she created the green monster. Cause and effect. Much like its not the spammers fault. Google has created their monsters. Because of cause and effect, spammers have completely - not just a little - changed the landscape of the web. Spammer sites, forum, and blog posts are like web advertising. We have just began to accept their presence.

It's beyond stupid that I and billions of others have to go around creating backlinks in order to get placed.