I'm web-master for a site holidaymull.co.uk which in its regular version allows visitors to view a number of PDF leaflets. I've created a mobile version of the site with deliberately limited content. However, it would be nice if visitors could view these same leaflets, both on smart phones and (more importantly, perhaps), tablets.

The device on which I do my initial mobile testing is an android smart phone. I've managed to download a version of Acrobat Reader, and I can also download the PDFs (via links on a page on the mobile site). But I haven't yet been able to get the browser to open the Reader, although I can view the PDFs by selecting them from my list of downloads. See http://mobile.holidaymullandiona.com/?content=leaflets for the landing page.

There would seem to be some problem integrating the Acrobat reader with Android. I had some trouble downloading and installing acrobat reader, is it possible I've not got the right (Android) version ?

Can anyone suggest a way forward, please ? Is there perhaps an altogether better way of going about this ?