I recently did a re-write of an existing but out dated web site. I had everything working well in development, and QA'ed the site using FireFox. IE, and Crome (that's the best I can do).

To do the migration, I renamed all the original files and directories, then uploaded the new files via FTP (smartFTP).

To my surprise, much of the content (but not all) that consists mostly of images such as jpg, and gif files are not showing up. even though in some cases images not showing up are in the same directory as other images that do show up. The best example of is on the home page (index.html). Two of three horses show up in the middle of the screen. All three images are called from the same directory and the missing image exists there.

On the "About_us" page, multiple images are missing such as the picture of a truck, and "bullet" style line markers that are produced by a small red jpg files.

The final page (the site is only 3 pages long) is called "Photos" and shows a box with 12 smaller boxes that should (but don't) show a thumb nail image. when you hover the mouse over a thumb nail, a larger version of the image appears to the left of the 12 thumb nails but inside the large box. However, even though the thumb nail boxes are empt, If you hover the mouse over one, it still shows the full size image as it should. I have checked and the thumbnail images exist as a sub dir of the larger images just as it did in development.

The URL for the page is http://www.andersonhorsetransportation.com/index.html

Help is desperately needed