Hello everyone,

I'm glad to have found this wonderful forum filled with useful information and nice & knowledable people. We'd deeply appreciate if someone can provide us with some assistance on forming a business for our venture.

An American friend of mine and I are thinking about starting an online retail business with two Chinese friends. We will take preorders of our products online and ship the orders directly from our supplier in China.

After some research, we are considering registering a Delaware member-managed LLC because of the relatively low franchise fee and simple formation process. But we have some pending issues:
- From my understanding, since none of us lives in the US (my friend and I are both living in China at the moment), technically our business will not have a tax nexus in any of the states. Does that mean we will not need to collect sales tax?
- What should we write in the the business address box when we file the certificate of formation? If I put down my parents' address in Cali, would that potentially create nexus even though I don't live there?

Thanks in advance!