I donno what the hell happened today. I connected to my site via CuteFtp4.0. And it connected me to someone else's site. I'm not seeing even one of my directories. I first went to the verge of crying. Oh MY Gosh!!

I disconnected it and tried again. It showed my site. But after some time, it showed a mixture of my directories and some anonymous user's directories.

Some directories were named lik "Govt". I could have downloaded all their directories into my hard drive and done something. NO. NO. I didn't it.

But i was thinking, what if someone else had the same problem and is downloading my site's content. ??????

Thats it for today. I closed the ftp and all my work.

Can anyone explain something??

Note: Someone please tell me where to download a utility which backsup your entire website from your FTP site into a zip file in your hard drive. ( I came across that utility, "Backup Master", but missed it.). Please helppp.

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