I have Apache 1.3.12 on a Unix box. I will try to explain my question the best I can....

There is a main server, not controlled by me. The domain name is, say, http://www.com. I have a server (say )that I store my applications/web sites on (Unix/Apache). I would like to set up subdomains (?) on the http://www.com server. So I can have something like


All those will need to point to my server, to different directories. So it should look something like:

name1.www.com -> /usr/local/apache/htdocs/name1
nameN.www.com -> /usr/local/apache/htdocs/nameN

I spoke with the admin of a server yesterday, he said the best he could do for me is make an entry for every one of the names in the DNS file pointing to the same server, but not to the individual directory


Now the question is, how do I (or how does he) set it up to point to a specified directory? Is it done on my side or his?

I hope I explained it well....