I've already seen some examples of a most-popular query, but none fits my situation. I'm just starting out using JOIN and quite unsure how to handle some requests. I have two problems, but will first share one because maybe I can figure out the next one by understanding the first

I have 3 tables that are involved;

| id | name   |
| 1  | movies |
| category | id | title    |
| 1        | 2  | die hard |
| id | ip | visit |
The categories table has an id and contains multiple translations for the word 'movies' (hence there is a table for the categories)
The all table contains information that I need, there are also other categories in there that's why there's a category column.
Visitors1 contains all visitors with the id of the movie they have looked up, their ip address and visit contains the date that the visitor visited the movie article. Vistors"1" because it's the visitors list of category 1.

How do I get the following:
All content of the table all
By providing:
And order the results by how many visitors the articles have gotten in the past month?

I would like to see this in one query, but is it possible?

Thank you in advance,
Kind regards,