ok, I started working with CSS based designs a few months ago. I've been getting really frustrated lately because it seems like every design I make(and I make them in IE6) looks like crap in the other browsers.

and not just little issues, but things like making horizontal scrolling apear on netscape, breaking alignment and rounded corners and basicly just making it not look like a decent page anymore.

I'm about to do a re-design and I'm trying to find some reasons not to just block my site from non IE5+ users. They take up easily 90% of web users and I don't need their traffic bad enough to rip my hair out over design issues.

Is there a website that lists all the different CSS design issues and exactly how they work along with ways to get around them? I would like to make the site available to more browsers but it's just not worth it to me if I'm going to have to change my design drasticly and/or spend many hours figuring out exactly how to get around it.