Hi all,

I am running a topsite which has more than 100000 visitors per day. Yes, there are lot of people using my site but the problem is I am stick in this point and can't got any fresh idea to further develop it.

As you might know, topsite can generate a lot of traffic but they seems to a little bite unprofessional. A lot of site opens a lot of popup up windows in order to gain more traffic.

I just totally rewrite the topsite program and hope that it will make my site easier to surf and look more professional. Besides that, I want to build up 2 communities, one is general user community, another one is webmaster community. I will also add more features to my site, like webmail, search engine, classifieds, message board(or even club) and also auction to my site. I hope I can use topsite to draw traffic and use other features to keep visitor stay here.

Does anyone have any further idea? I would be really apprecipated for that.