I could use some expert advice on how best to store Content from my website in my back-end database (i.e. MySQL).

When things started off maybe 18 months ago, the only content that I had was traditional "Articles", e.g. some write-up about a news event, person, or some topic.

The fields in this table include...
- id
- slug
- written_on
- author
- title
- body
- reference_listing
- created_on
- updated_on

Since then, there is a lot of new Content that needs to be added to my website, including things like:
- How-To Guides
- Listing of Different Business-Types
- Key Contacts for Small-Businesses
- Top 20 Venture Capital (VC) Firms
- Small-Business Organizations
- Famous Entrepreneurs
- Listing of Free Resources
- Listing of Elected Officials (by State)
- Listing of Tax-Free States
- Listing of Right-To-Work States

I have absolutely NO CLUE of where to store all of this Content, and if it should even go in my Database?! (Furthermore, I haven't even created the actual content for the above list, so I don't know the exact form it will take!!)

Technically, nearly all Content on my website could be classified as some form of an "article". (Especially if it isn't just a table or list.)

If this new Content should go into my database, then where??

Do I want to muck up my true Article table with things like "Famous Entrepreneurs" or "Listing of Business-Types"??

Do I create a new "catch-all" table called "other_content"??

Do I create a new table for nearly every new category??

Or, do I "punt", and just hard-code things as HTML/PHP pages and stick them all in some generic directory called "other"??

Definitely a much more involved topic than I had ever anticipated!!!