I hope this isn't considered as a site review. I just want to see how complex a logo can be. I am completely blind, as some here may know, and I am trying to find a designer to do a logo for me. I have ideas, but I was told that an idea I had was too complex.

My site is a religious site named Christ's Little Flock. Due to the name, I wanted the theme to portray at least one or more sheep, and perhaps portray Jesus in some way as well.

In my idea, I had Jesus picking up a lost lamb, separated from the flock. But that is probably a lot to show in just a logo, though it'd portray the meaning of our site perfectly.

So just to give me an idea, how complex can a logo be? I'm just not sure where to go here. The designer wasn't really helpful in giving me any alternative ideas, so I'm pretty lost.