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    IE5/IE6 div/table differences?

    I have a page that makes use of a div to contain the "main content" of the site. Now, in this div, I have a table that I am using to display some data. The table is spec'd to have a width of 73%. Now, in IE5 browsers, the table spans the width of the div, as the div only covers about 75% of the page. In IE6 browsers, the table only spans part of the div, I'm guessing 73% of the div. Is there something I am doing wrong or is this just a browser compatibility problem?

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    It's probably an IE5 bug. While IE5 was the first browser to have any type of XHTML support, it wasn't the best. I'll now direct you to one of the ultimate sources of knowledge for IE5/6 differences:

    NOTE: IE5/Mac is not the same as IE5/Windows, so if you are going to rely on User-agent sniffing, make sure you know the difference.


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