Is it "evil" to build webpages that are STATIC?

While I am adding content to v2.0 of my website, I am realizing that merging Layout with Content is much more difficult than I thought?!

As such, I am thinking that for a lot of my webpages, it would be easier to just hard-code them using HTML since they are unlikely to change anytime soon.

Yes, I could take another 6 months to add additional tables and queries to my database, and then build templates and write all of the PHP to have a totally Database-Driven Website, but maybe that is overkill...

For instance, here are some pages that might good candidates to hard-code for now...
- Small-Business Glossary
- Handy Contact Info for Small-Businesses
- Listing of Small-Business Resources by State
- Famous Entrepreneurs

BTW, when I say "hard-code", I just mean the main content, and not necessarily the entire page. I always use PHP and "includes" for things like my page layout, header, footer, and so on.

But since each of the pages above could have vastly different page layouts, and the content is very different, I just think trying to make it database-driven is too big of an undertaking for me at this point - especially when I should have went "live" a few months ago...