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Don't forget we haven't had a question from sojomy yet
I'm so sorry, I totally forgot. I was kind of taking a break from the computer (I know, blasphemous, isn't it?) because the Dallas Cup is going on. I should be back to my regular daily addiction after next weekend.

Anyway, I really can't think of a "trivial" question, so how bout something like this :

Say i'm using a multi-purpose form. Meaning, if it were a user sign-up script, the same file would not only show the form, but would also submit to itself, and accept the data and process it (as well as redisplaying the form in the case of errors). Now, without using a header or other redirect to another page (like a "thank you", or "success" page), how could you use this same script (one file only) to keep the form from being processed if the user hits refresh?

Now I know that there is probably more than one way to do this, but I could only think of one, so let's here what others say about it. BTW, the way I use (or am about to use) keeps any form from being reprocessed (ie, duplicate data being entered into a database) when the user presses the refresh button (like all users do).