I went through many struggles today.

First things first. My keyboard shorted out, guess I shouldn't have washed it eh? And so I went to Best Buy to replace it, while there I also picked up a spindle of 50 CDs and as I was passing the W2k display I thought, "Gonna have to do it eventually" and bought the update.

Update went fine. Until then I couldn't use my ethernet card (which I need to interface with my cable modem) and some other things, my scanner doesn't work now, and my cd-r software needs an update, but that stuff I can fix online, I can't get online without an ethernet card.

Well my current ethernet card was a linksys and I had had it for awhile. When I initially bought it the driver disk came corrupted (so they say I think they're just a stupid company) and so I had to go online to get the real driver for it, this whole process was horribly long, confusing, and complicated.

So I went back to bestbuy to get a ethernet card.
I had not had good experiences with linksys before but it takes up most of the shelfroom at bestbuy and I was particularly moved by their "cable/dsl" sticker on front so I bought another linksys.

The installation instructions seemed simple. w2k would find it and prompt me for the driver. I would enter "A:win200/" and say search. Unfortunately it couldn't find the driver in that directory, but it did find one in the win95 directory, which too bad was a old driver and not compatible with w2k.

So I called them, and waited, and waited, and waited, then they said they'd call me back. And I waited, and waited. Meanwhile I got it installed manually using some driver so that the system wasn't having any problems with it, but it still wouldn't work with my cable modem. So I call up att. We go through extensive tests and come to the conclusion that my ethernet card is **** and I should call linksys.

Haha I wasn't going to do that, so I returned it, and bought another. This was trip #3 to bestbuy in the same day.

This one was a 3com one but lo and behold it ended up not working on 2000.

By this point I was just in general pissed at Best Buy and linksys, and they didn't have any other brands had I even wanted to go back. So I went to circuit city. Bought a d link ethernet card for cheaper than the other 2 I had bought today. Came back and plugged it in. I didn't even get prompted for the driver, I did not have to enter DNS info. No, it installed itself instantly and I was backonline after an 8 hour hiatus.

There is a lesson in all of this if you've read this far. Do not buy anything Linksys or you will regret it.


I eventually managed to

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