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    Colour Link Underlines probs

    For the head of my site I have a line of links, instead of doing graphics for these links I have used a non-underlined link style with a different colour for the underline.
    Having 2 css text styles each with a a:hover sub style, and using embeded <span> tags
    <div id="head-nav">
    <span class="headnavtxt">
    <a href="link.html" class="whitetext"><span class="headnavtxt">link</span></a></span> I <a href="link2.html" class="whitetext"><span class="headnavtxt">link2</span></a>
    This works and looks just like I wanted (and what I was going to do using Gif's), except on the Visited links. On these the underlines no longer work. Any ideas?

    link to site
    Link to CSS

    edited to make the HTML more clear
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