HI guys,

I've been writing a video player using jquery and I am having a very annoying screen flicker when I use the explode effect. What is supposed to happen is that the user clicks a button on the control bar and the control bar explodes, hides and a new one appears with a different skin.

What is happening in reality is that the above happens but there is a very annoying white flicker across the bottom of the viewport every time that button is clicked.

I have checked all of the other code and it's definitely the line below which is causing the issue. I don't use 'explode' very often so maybe I've just done something silly but I could definitely use another pair of eyes.


		Player.ChangeSkin = function(skin)
		     // Remove previous skin , store new skin in the player options for next time, add the new skin
		     var identifier = Player.attr("id"); 
                     $("#" + identifier + " .big_play").removeClass(Player.current_skin);
                     $("#" + identifier + " .change_skin ul li a span." + Player.current_skin + "").removeClass("active");
                     Player.current_skin = skin;
		     $("#" + identifier + " .change_skin ul li a span." + skin + "").addClass("active");  
		       $("#" + identifier + " .big_play").addClass(Player.current_skin);
		     var src = "css/images/" + skin + ".png";
		     $("#" + identifier + " img.featured").attr("src" ,src);

                      // THIS LINE IS THE PROBLEM
		     // explode control bar and show new control bar  
		     Player.control_bar.hide("explode", { pieces: 16 }, function() { Player.control_bar.addClass(skin).show(); } );