hi guys new to this forum is any of you guys can help that would be super...

i have a main index page with a div where i inject my external pages to.. when the page opens the slider at the top of the screen works fine.. when i click work, and then click home again. my slider dissapers after a few seconds or when you click the arrows.. having a nightmare been out it for days.. my general.js is located in the main index page..


i think its something to do with my ajax call, not sure though.. really am stuck

url: "page/index.php",

success: function( data ) {

// Execute slide here after content has loaded;
autoSlideInterval: 7000,
dynamicTabs: false,


main index page - http://pastie.org/private/nymfbdsuau9amxjtcmxu1g
external home page - http://pastie.org/private/f9zxpvv2wvm1skz2mmybsq
external work page - http://pastie.org/private/zwvcnb4i9cjs8vfpnttq
general.js - http://pastie.org/private/71rbckmrkrqytsogdxitcw