I'm helping a client move to a new host(from Godaddy to HostMonster) and want to be sure I have everything in order before I actually do anything.

Client is keeping his domain at Godaddy. The site and email control will be switching to HostMonster.

Can you tell me what I need to change in the DNS settings at Godaddy?

I was thinking these steps would be involved when managing DNS settings at Godaddy:

1. change the A Record to the new host IP
2. change nameservers at godaddy to the nameservers at HostMonster
3. change cname record to ?
4. change MX records

I'm not sure if all of those steps are needed. Can anybody shed any light for me?

Here's the current DNS info:

A @ 97.74.xxx.xxx
CNAME e email.secureserver.net
CNAME email email.secureserver.net
CNAME ftp @
MX @ mailstore1.secureserver.net
MX @ smtp.secureserver.net

There are 11 different cname records.

Am I changing everything here? To what? Nameservers too?

I've looked into these things, but with being involved with previous projects where things have had problems with making these types of changes(thankfully not my fault), I'm very cautious about just trying everything on my own. Can somebody hold my hand?

Thanks for any help!