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    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some good, effective, but most importantly FREE methods of promoting my site. What I'm looking for is:
    • Search engines to submit to (I've already done most of these)
    • Directories etc
    • Reciprocal Links
    • Anything else!

    BTW Its a webmaster-related site...
    Thanks in advance!

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    Writing well thought out articles for large sites is a great way to earn free exposure and sometimes get paid for your promotion efforts.
    Wayne Luke

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    Write tons of well-thought articles and submit to large sites. If they don't use the content, submit to individual ezine publishers, free content sites, and free content lists. look for "Article Announce" - they have at least several hundred ezine publishers you can announce your articles to. If they publish one, your 5 line resource box ("About the Author") is included.

    This has turned out to be the best traffic and subscriber-base builder for me


    Also, since you run a webmaster-related site, I've got two extra things for you:

    1. Submit to the WebSiteGoodies Web Directory of webmaster-related sites at - I'm rebuilding a fresh database of links so you don't need to return it with a reciprocal link if you don't want to.

    2. You can trade links with - BRAND NEW, just opened yesterday. Details:

    In return for a text link on your site on any page of your site (if it's not buried way down within a low traffic site) give me a button (up to 100x50) and a short description of your site and it'll be added in the format I put WebSiteGOodies in there (visit the link above for the example). First come first serve - I've got two setup to be added shortly so you'll be the 3rd link on the page. (BTW it'll be two columns so you'll still be in the first screenfull).

    Email me if you'd like to do that with your image, url, and short description. I'll send you the URL and text for my small text link back and it'll be set up.


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