Ok, I have tried to do this several different ways. I have a "container" div that holds the rest of the divs. I want to have it centered in the page. right now it has a left margin of about 10 px. I don't want that. Here is my css:
 #container {
width : 785px;
margin-right : auto;
margin-left : auto;
margin-top : 0px;
padding : 0px;
background-color : #FFFFFF;
text-align : center;
position : absolute;
top : 0px;
height : 685px;
left : auto; /*I had commented this out completely and it didn't help*/
vertical-align : middle;
z-index : auto;
visibility : visible;
What I want it to do is fill the whole page on 800x600 and be centered for all other resolutions above that.

Any ideas?