Is it a bad design to have a directory in the Web Root for each "Section" of your website, and then inside of each directory, have an "index.php" file??

For example, I am thinking of having the following "Sections" in my website...
- Finance - Legal - Management - Marketing - Interviews - Outsourcing - How-To's - Resources - Laws & Regulations - Glossary - Case-Studies - Other

Originally, I just had a directory called "articles" with an "index.php" file that served as a generic template to serve up articles based on the selected Section.

So if your pretty URL was...


...then you would be taken to the ugly URL...


The problem with this is that all my Sections can offer is just a listing of Articles?!

But I am realizing that it would be nicer to have a "Landing Page" for each "Section" which would serve the same purpose as my main "Home Page". That is, it would be a way to highlight certain things, provide links to different resources (e.g. Graphs, Interviews, Reference, Q&A, Multimedia), as well as the Articles that I currently offer.

Does that make sense??