I have a different kind of situation. I have a user in Australia that is inputting the date value into a form in the format "dd/mm/yyyy". When I goto save the data into our database here in the US. I store two dates. One is the current date from the now() function. The other is the date the user input. My code is as follows:

dateRequest = now()
tabMedia("RequestDate") = CStr(Month(dateRequest)) + "/" + CStr(Day(dateRequest)) + "/" + CStr(Year(dateRequest))
dateDue = Request.Form("DueDate")
tabMedia("DueDate") = CStr(Month(dateDue)) + "/" + CStr(Day(dateDue)) + "/" + CStr(Year(dateDue))
When I look in the database, the date saved from the now() function has been correctly converted to the US format. The date saved from the user input, remains in the user date format...

Any ideas?