Hi, I am planning to change a hosting provider of one of my established website. This website is more than a year old and almost all the urls are crawled by SE. I contacted my hosting company and they told me that I need not do anything special to move my website from one host to another. They confirmed that I just need to download the data from FTP and upload to the new hosting space that I purchased with another host. I already have migrated my domain name to this new host.

I have a doubt here. All the URLs of my site are more than a year old and are established in SE rankings. If I move my site (pages) to another host will the URLs break?

1) I am not sure what DNS setting means and does it have any role to play here?
2) Site will be down in this process for few days and then will all the urls be reestablished and will not return 404 error?
3) Is it really a matter of uploading the same data to new hosting space or do I need to take some more additional steps?

Kindly advice if you have faced similar situation.