PHP code below. As you know onClick doesn't work, client side. I would like to use AJAX but not familiar with to display a "div" below list of images


* Get company items

$company_items_array = $hd->view_items_by_company($company_id,$db);

$count = count($company_items_array);
for($i = 0; $i < $count ; $i++) {

echo "<li><a class='view_item' href='#' ".$company_items_array[$i]['item_number']."><img src='images/".$company_items_array[$i]['item_number']."-1_nav.jpg' alt='".$company_items_array[$i]['title']."' width='96' height='86' class='pic-fix'/></a></li>";

} ?>


Here's the PHP array to return:

$company_item_array = $hd->view_item_by_company($item_number,$company_name,$db);

To populate "div"

Does anyone have a suggestion or code examples? Perhaps a good book on AJAX, too? Thanks!