I'm working on a mobile website whose main feature will be searching for places to rent for holidays.

Here is the basic user journey:
1) Homepage : search criteria are typed in a form (dates, location, number of people)
2) The form is submitted
3) The search results page loads

On the search results page there is a button which allows to edit my search query (for example to change the dates or add a person).
If I hit it I should go back to the homepage, with the form pre-filled with my current search criteria (so I don't have to type everything again).

My question is: in order to go back to the homepage and still see my current criteria, do I need to store these criteria in a cookie or would a back button behaviour work?

On my iPhone I know that when going back to the previous page the form is still filled with my data, however I don't know if that's the same on all smartphones.

I hope this is clear, thanks in advance for your replies.