Seeing as I've got a lot of help and advice from the sitepoint forums in the past, I thought I'd see if anybody can help me with a little problem I'm having.

OK, I've installed Dreamweaver 4 on my new laptop, (desktop has to go due to lack of space and baby in arrival) which uses XP home edition. I do not know that much about XP, so I'm probably missing something obvious or have an ignorance block.

Anyway, DW4 installed without problem, as did the course builder extension, however, I've just tried and failed to install the Learning Site extension(several times). The install process seems to go OK until I get a message saying 'Can't update menus', and the exetension refuses to install. I've had a go at de-activating the anti-virus auto protect and changing the read only options on the Macromedia folder, but nothing seems to work, and a posting on the Macromedia site has not got any response.

Any ideas or suggestions? Has anybody out there had the same problem?

I've read the system requirements on the Macromedia site and even though most of the extensions are MX certified, they say that they will work with DW4.

Yours hopefully,