I want to make a wishlist on my site and i want to use cookies. I don't want people to have to register or anything that's why i'm not using sessions.

I just want to use one cookie that stores the Id's of the properites. so when someone clicks on the add to my wishlist link the cookie is updated with that Id. I have never used cookies before in my life so that's where the problem begins.

I read some where you can do this something like this.

PHP Code:
Ok so thats where i'm at not very far , this is what i want do in point form

  • Allow user to add to wishlist
  • Allow user to delete items from wishlist
  • and use mysql's WHERE x IN (arg1, arg2, arg3) to select the properties in the wishlist and display them.

do you know how to do this? if i don't make sence just let me know.