Going through JQUERY, NOVICE TO NINJA 2nd Ed. book I tried the Jquery ui accordion - chapter_05\10_jquery_ui_accordion. (the one with <h3>s and <div>s)

Having already wasted years of my life battling IE's idiosyncracies I 1st opened the book's chapter_05\10 index.html with FF, Chrome and IE10 (under Win7)

<joke>Guess which one doesn't work?</joke> Yup, IE 10 (under Win7) elects not to display Novice to Ninja's 2nd Ed. chapter_05\10 jquery_ui_accordion correctly.

The 3 other JQuery accordions in sections 7, 8 and 9 of chapter 05 work just fine (they use <ul> and <li>).

*Phew* I thought to myself, "how clever i am not to have started a real site. I must have just saved my self days of time" Well, here i am 3 hours later having scoured the web and - can't find an answer.

So, I thought i'd ask here if anyone please has a solution?

fwiw i'm on Win7 Pro, i7, 24GB Ram, no malware - except adobe - and running a great 'puter.

This week's FF 20 works
This week's Chrome works
This weeks IE 10 does not work. IE10 under Win 8 tho' does work... Whassup wid that?

Can anyone suggest a fix for this please?
Does it work in IE 9 under Win 7?

Thanks for helping me live longer!