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Thread: CMS & Wordpress

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    Hello, I'd be interested to learn cms development especially wordpress, what would be the cost for the same? and what about time frame... I'm a full time employee so little bit curious about time.


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    You've not stated what you already know but you should first if you've not already learn HTML (think of it as the "skeleton" of the page - try to steer clear of HTML5) and CSS (think of it as the "skin" of the page, what determines how a page looks. Once you've learnt them, you should learn PHP, which is a server-side processing language which generates the HTML of the site, and also learn SQL which is the language used to interact with the database server. Finally you'll want to learn javascript (bear in mind that any website should still be usable when the end user has disabled javascript).

    It doesn't cost anything to learn, you can download and install Apache (web server software), MySQL (database server software) and PHP (parses .php and sends the output of the parsing to the web browser) separately or you can download WAMP which is a package with them bundled together for Windows. As for how long it'll take you to learn it all, that's down to you some will learn it quick and others will take a long time. One thing to keep in mind, steer well clear of the mysql_* extension as it's deprecated as of the current version of PHP, you should use either the mysqli_* extension or PDO.
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