For the longest time I tried my hand at freelance web design. I didn't try that hard though. Turning jobs down that were too time consuming etc. And I didn't even try to sell it. I have done about 10 or so sites for others. And I did not really enjoy it. I enjoyed coding it. But I did not enjoy dealing with procrastinating flakes. All awhile I was creating tons of tutorials and demos to keep busy. I started to see a little advertising money trickle in. That sparked my interest. Now I have switched domains and the look of my site to cater to advertising instead of freelance web design jobs. I am now 100% focused on purely the advertising money in it.

I currently have two privateers advertising on my site and have adsense setup. The privateers paying me $70 a month and adsense seems to be at about $100 per month. So currently bringing in about $170 a month not lifting a finger other than making the tutorials. Once my Alexa and google page rank bounce back up from my domain move I will be able to be accepted into more aggressive forms of advertising like buysellads, infolinks, and etc. Then I should see that monthly amount climb significantly. My goal is to eventually see $500 per month. I have two well paying jobs already. So I just need this to occupy my brain and give me another stream of money.

Now that the advertising number is north of $100 per month this gives me greater incentive to pump out more tutorials and push my seo. Basically every high ranking tut I do gives me another 1000 visitors per month. Which means another couple of bucks. Currently I'm at about 40,000 visitors per month. My goal is to get that above 100,000 and then I can crack into the big bucks of advertising.

So... how much do you make? What are the tricks of the trade that you found most beneficial? Share the love! And I will too!