hello, I am new here. I have a problem with wordpress. I post a topic at wordpress.org but nobody answered. then I read about this forum so I'm hopping you might help me...

I am building this website: exarsis-band.com
for some friend of mine who have a band.
the website is uploaded to bluehost for 4-5 days and for those 4-5 days It worked perfectly. today I installed the plugin woocommerce and
now after 5 hours I saw that in the page "photos" the images which ara uploaded with lazygallery are broken. If i try to click in one folder of the gallery the pages goes white and shows nothing...
When I go to my dashboard and the setting of lazygallery the photos seem to be broken but when i click them its directing me to the image url witch shows the image fine. I tried uploading them again but nothing changes.
also when I'm going to media and try to upload multiple images the uplaod stops at 100% of the first images and freeze there.
also the pages "checkout" "my account" "view order" and other of woocommerce they display white like when I click on an image of the lazygallery.
... please help me!