I'm trying to merge 2 sites I've had in the past into a new 3rd site to use as a portfolio, but before transferring the content I need to get my design and layout in order.

So far I've come up with a layout I'm somewhat happy with, but I could use outside eyes to give me other perspectives, I'm creative but suck artistically. I haven't made a banner or logo yet, simply have placeholders for both. Same with the footer, I haven't felt inspired by anything yet so it's just a boring white.

So the way I decided to break it up was to use thumbnails with descriptions for each item which load that information's main page where they can read more about it. Basically they are different projects I've been working on.

I made the first 3 pages of the new site, but the links all lead to my old site so I'm just looking for feedback on the design rather than content.

The new site is http://LeeFromSeattle.com/projects.html as well as /tutorials.html and gallery.html On the projects page when you hover over the top left div and the bottom left div it shows/hides an animated sprite.

I just made the gallery yesterday so would like feedback on it, it's just javascript, some of the images are repeats, and the panel on the right will be to show different categories, the current buttons were to test functions I made to clear all the images, a section of images, or draw a section of imgs.

Now for my online resume part, I put my non personal resume info into a menu similar to a game, because I'm trying to get a job as a front end game dev, so figured I'd style my stuff as I would if I was making a game.

The website for the resume menu is just http://LeeFromSeattle.com with no extensions. Do you think that's a good way to display my information?

Ignore all the moving sprites that was just for a test, I might add that to it's own page to show off my sprite generator and the javascript I animate them with, but I was planning on making that into a tutorial when I have time.

Any advice from a design perspective?
Thank you.