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    I'm using a piece of software called Hi-Verify to check the metatags on a site. It compares the tags in the head to those in the body. The problem I have is that it doesn't pick up plurals. For example, if I have 'house' in the head it doesn't count 'houses' on the page. Is this just a thing with this software or does, for example, Alta Vista do the same. Do the words have to be exactly the same????

    Also, it is saying I have too few keywords. Surely it's just as good to have a few quality words than lots of not so good ones. Repeating them a few times is ok, but too many times will lead to spamming. I always thought that the more different keywords you use, the more 'diluted' they become on engines. Am I mistaken?

    Burbled on a bit.... sorry!

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    Beware of softeware when it come to search engine promotion.... I have found the only worthwhile piece of software to be web position gold and only for monitoring results.. My best results are fomr hand meta tagging and submitting.

    Yes, If I had the word house in I may not bother to include houses.. Maybe I would if I had a two worded phrase i would use houses aswell as just the word house..

    As for the length of keywords, I have tried both ways to the extreme. From one word to a riduclous length.. I have found the best reults from using 8 or 10 good key words..

    I would try and include as many keywords as poss in your actual content, espacially towards the top..

    Hope this helps..

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