Hi all,

I've spend the past few days googling this issue and with no avail. I've decided to see if anyone on here has seen this, and/or has a fix for me. It is driving me nuts.

So I have a site I created using the Simple Grid Theme

The page can be seen here:

Everything worked out great for the site design, albeit one issue. When I look at the site on a mobile device (tested on iPhone) everything on the site shrinks down correctly, minus the 3 icons on the bottom of the main page.

I have tried multiple Mobile plugins and packages and even tried changing image types from .png to .jpg as well as creating 2 smaller images and uploaded them to my images folder (at 50% and 75% of the original size)I also tried the WP-Resolutions plugin, but that bricked my site into a 500 Internal Server Error.

I am so stuck and if anyone out there can help, I will be so grateful. We can't seem to see what is the issue.

Thanks in advance.