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    Quote Originally Posted by ralph.m View Post
    Yes, you definitely don't want it off yourself.

    Probably yes, but you have to be practical, I guess, as too many shallow links could be overwhelming. That's why I like the idea of grouping content into quite separate topics, so that a user can easily filter out a lot of irrelevant stuff in one click.
    All true, except my problem is that even doing that, I feel like I have many more "broad" Sections than a simple newspaper with: Local, National, Finance, Sports, Lifestyles, Want Ads.

    (I went out yesterday and bought a 3-ring binder and loose-leave paper, and plan on filling up my table with LOTS of lists and diagrams and relationships and notes in an attempt to come up with an over-arching "Information Architecture" and see if I can do what you are saying and combine things into fewer "buckets". Of course if it was so easy, I would have never posted here!!)

    As I said above, you can use the home page to feature a lot of inner content, even if with a kind of site map below the main menu, or feature boxes, perhaps in a slider.

    So you didn't respond to my question yesterday about whether is was "good" or "bad" to add an extra page people have to click through...

    Image if you had to navigate through this to get to an article...

    Scenario #1:
    On Home Page
    >Click on Finance tab
    >Land on Finance home page
    Click on Taxes link
    Land on Taxes home page
    Click on "Why to Hire a CPA"
    Read Article

    Versus this...

    Scenario #2:
    On Home Page
    Click on Taxes tab
    Land on Taxes home page
    Click on "Why to Hire a CPA"
    Read Article

    Also, what about my "Multi-Dimensional Content" post?

    As an end-user, would you rather have things lumped into ONE Section (e.g. "Legal"), or would you like a website that is "cross-referenced" where you can find the article "Benefits of becoming an S-Corp" under both the main Section: "Legal" and also under another Section: "Business-Types"

    I am all for SIMPLICITY, but at the same time, one of the key benefits of computers is the ability to "slice and dice" information...





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