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    Need help to get toggle script working in Mozilla/N6/7 etc

    I have been trying to come up with a standards compliant template for some intranet pages for my company. I got so far with it - using nested lists for nav items - and have it working fine in IE.

    Now, as it is an Intranet and as we only use IE5, I could stop there. However, being a standards advocate (or pain in the ****, my colleagues might argue), I'm not satisfied with that. I want this to work in Mozilla/Netscape 6/7.

    Here's the page:

    I've tinkered with it time and again, and I must be blind to what's wrong. There's probably not much wrong with it, but I need a fresh pair of eyes.

    Note: all the scripting and CSS is self-contained - view source will reveal all.

    Hope someone can help ...

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    replace children with childNodes and add this after retrieveing currentEl

    if ( !document.all && document.normalize ) currentEl.normalize();

    Just in case.

    Side note: you may want to consider a script like this one I wrote. I'll be making some changes and updates soon.
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